President Trump isn’t exactly the type who likes to dine around the town. He referred to the White House kitchen as his favorite restaurant (“The White House is the greatest restaurant, it’s the most beautiful”) on the “The Larry O’Connor Show” Thursday.

Only on rare occasions does POTUS venture to his hotel to dine, in sharp contrast to former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, who were spotted at practically every D.C. hot spot throughout his presidency.

But Trump vowed to O’Connor that he will start trying some local eateries: “In Washington you do have some great restaurants, and I’m going to start going to them. I was accused the other day, well, when I leave the White House, which is seldom, I always go to my hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue and they say, ‘He should go to other places.’ And I never thought of it, and I’m going to start doing that. I’m going to go around.”

Perhaps Trump will join daughter Ivanka, who’s been a presence on the D.C. food scene, at one of her preferred restaurants (she seems partial to Rasika, having been seen there twice in the last few months).