First lady Melania Trump meets South Korean middle school students as Choi Min-ho, right, a member of the boy band Shinee, observes. (Ahn Young-Joon/EPA-EFE)

It isn’t often that a first lady gets upstaged. But that’s just what happened to Melania Trump as she and her husband traveled through Asia.

During a stop in South Korea on Tuesday, Trump brought her considerable star power to an event promoting the importance of sports. While on stage with a gaggle of middle school girls, the first lady put her arm around one young student. A few moments later, the middler-schooler began to scream with glee.

The girl’s excitement was directed at someone other than Trump who just so happened to be standing right next to K-pop megastar Choi Min-ho, a member of the wildly popular boy band Shinee. Min-ho’s established star power eclipsed the first lady’s, and video of that moment of realization has gone viral in South Korea.