Omarosa Manigault clearly left a lasting impression on Mike Dubke. Well, her footwear did.

In a recent interview with Washingtonian, the former White House communications director dished his thoughts on his ex-colleagues. It wasn’t the “Apprentice” alumna’s personality that had Dubke talking, however.

“I think she’s got a lot of shoes,” he said of Manigault, the director of communications for the White House Public Liaison Office. “She’d leave them all over the White House.” He went on to explain that Manigault would leave shoes scattered around an empty desk, and other staffers would have to kick them under a table to prevent a fire or safety hazard.

Turns out Manigault wasn’t just sauntering around the White House barefoot, however. The former reality show star quickly defended herself, saying the stray shoes were due to a foot injury.

“Let me help you solve the mystery of missing shoe during #DumbDubke’s short WH tenure,” she tweeted Friday morning. “BREAKING NEWS! I had a bad sprain!”

Manigault accompanied the tweet with photo evidence of herself rocking a therapeutic boot, which would explain why one shoe would be lying about while she was in meetings. And hey, whoever said having a lot of shoes was a bad thing?