Monica Lewinsky publicly complained Tuesday about the title of an upcoming HLN documentary focused on the scandal around the relationship between the former White House intern and President Bill Clinton. By Wednesday morning, the network changed the title.

Beginning Dec. 3, HLN will air a two-part episode of its true crime series, “How it Really Happened,” about Clinton and Lewinsky that details the affair, the fallout and the household names that followed. The network originally titled the special “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal,” but Lewinsky was not having it.

Lewinsky, who has emerged from her scandal-scarred past as an anti-bullying activist, suggested her own corrections to the name. She retweeted Tuesday a promo for the special, drawing a red line over the words “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” and replacing it with her own suggestions: “The Starr Investigation” or “The Clinton Impeachment.”

“Fixed it for you. You’re welcome,” she tweeted.

And HLN was clearly paying attention.

On its website, the website is now promoting the episode with the a tweaked name.

“Taking into account recent events, and to more accurately represent the storyline, the episode is now titled ‘The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal,'” Alison Rudnick, HLN’s vice president of communications, said in a statement.

Lewinsky has yet to respond to the network’s change.