Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James points during a May game against the Boston Celtics in Cleveland. (Tony Dejak/AP)

Hey isn’t that . . . Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James celebrating his team’s win over the Washington Wizards at a local club on Sunday night?

Just after midnight King James arrived at Heist in Dupont Circle where clubgoers, of course, went wild as the NBA champ was escorted through the selfie-seeking crowd to a private table in the back of the venue. Our source said that James was joined by fellow players Dwyane Wade, Isaiah Thomas and J.R. Smith, who was wearing an Alexander Ovechkin jersey.

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Fans weren’t allowed to pose for photos with James, who we’re told didn’t stay cooped up in his secluded VIP section. James and Smith both ventured into the scrum to grab drinks at the bar with the common folk. After less than an hour, James, dressed in a dark blue sweatshirt and black framed glasses, was already on his way out, but his teammates kept the party going, we hear.