Author Paul Wharton at Grey Gardens. (Barry Harley)

Paul Wharton knows everybody. He’s the perfectly coifed D.C. personality who pops up in all the Instagrammable places. Look, there’s Paul — and that hair — slinging side-eye on yet another “Housewives” reality show. And there he is swirling a cocktail and starring in a VIP selfie with Omarosa. Oh, and there’s Paul posing for photos at Grey Gardens. Wait, what?

Yes, Wharton, whose new book “Pulling It All Together” is out now, just so happened to be one of Sally Quinn’s last guests at Grey Gardens, the fabled Hamptons estate formerly owned by Edith Bouvier Beale and Edith “Little Edie” Beale.

Wharton hosted a book event Saturday at the Barnes & Noble in Tysons Corner, where he explained his connection to Quinn to the 150 guests. Local notables such as Fox 5’s Shawn Yancy and WUSA 9’s Lesli Foster were among those who had gathered to hear Wharton’s tips for living well and looking good.

Last summer, Quinn, the famed hostess and widow of legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, invited Wharton and his mom (awww) to stay at Grey Gardens, which has since sold to an unnamed buyer. The two have been pals since Wharton’s close friend Pari married (then later divorced) Quinn’s son, Quinn Bradlee. While staying at the estate, Wharton fired off the last pages of his book from “Sally’s writing room,” overlooking the grounds of the storied East Hampton home. And Wharton, well, being Wharton, also managed to squeeze in a photo shoot during the mini-vacation.

In the photos featured in Wharton’s book, you can see the former stylist and model manager paying homage to Little Edie, an icon to eccentrics everywhere, complete with her signature head wrap and fur coat. Wharton told us that the home’s “resident fashionista” inspired him and after finishing his manuscript he raised a glass to her.

“I felt she was there in spirit, literally!” he said.