Vice President Pence had a romantic motive for a CVS run. (Ahn Young-joon/AFP/Getty Images)

Hey, isn’t that … Vice President Pence, on Wednesday night dropping by a retail spot known for its selection of gifts every woman loves? The Veep was spotted on Valentine’s Day making his way out of the CVS at Pennsylvania Avenue and 19th Street NW. And it seemed he hadn’t just made the drugstore run for a pack of gum.

CBS White House reporter Jacqueline Alemany tweeted about the sighting and said onlookers “say he purchased a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife.” Alemany was not about to ruin things for the second couple before the romantic evening. “Don’t worry,” she wrote. “I won’t spoil what the contents of the gift are @SecondLady.”

Which left us to speculate: Was it a Whitman’s sampler? One of those teddy bears clutching a cluster of faux flowers? Alemany helped clear up the mystery afterward, telling us via email Thursday morning the cashier informed her Pence bought pink roses. She still fears Pence might have made an errant flower choice, because she noticed there were also pink carnations (ew!) in the box where the Veep had gotten his blooms. “While I desperately hope he got the roses over carnations, I only have a single source on that,” she wrote.