Everyone was telling Oprah Winfrey to run for president. The Twittersphere. Her trusty best friend Gayle King. Her longtime partner, Stedman Graham. Even many “wealthy men,” who promised to raise a billion dollars for her campaign. But the one voice she needed to hear the most hasn’t spoken to her yet — that of the big man upstairs.

“If God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kind of tell me?” she asked “60 Minutes Overtime” correspondent Ann Silvio during an interview released Thursday. “And I haven’t heard that.”

The media mogul officially shut down talk of her rumored run for office in 2020 while chatting about her upcoming roundtable discussion on a politically divided America, which airs Sunday on CBS. While Winfrey admitted to mulling over the idea, she eventually decided that the role of POTUS wasn’t in her DNA.

“I am actually humbled by the fact that people think that I could be a leader of the free world, but it’s just not in my spirit,” she told Silvio.

The news may dismay those who have been obsessing over the possibility of a President Winfrey since she delivered the epic Golden Globes speech that spurred the plea for her hypothetical run. But Winfrey claims her intention was never to use the award show as a way of launching herself into the political realm. In fact, she found the claims that she was trying to do so to be a bit presumptuous.

“Are you kidding me?” Winfrey said. “I was just trying to give a good speech.”