Naomi Jacobson, Dr. Ruth Westheimer and director Holly Twyford at Theater J on March 15, 2018. (Adam Immerwahr)

Hey isn’t that … Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer at Theater J Thursday night?

The famous sex therapist-turned-actor/author/media personality hit the town to attend “Becoming Dr. Ruth,” the 90-minute, one-woman show based on her life. Though she was seated eight rows back from the stage (so as not to distract Naomi Jacobson, the actress who portrays her, Westheimer said), plenty of theater-goers still spotted the woman-of-the-hour and her entourage of D.C. friends.

According to our tipster, Westheimer joined the cast and crew onstage to pose for photos and express her approval of the performance. “Beautiful job, I could never do that!” she told Jacobson. While touring the set, Westheimer became particularly enamored of one group of props — the dollhouses. She’s an avid collector of the miniature structures. The self-proclaimed pack rat (hence the boxes covering the stage during the performance) joked to her friend, “See, there are all these wonderful dollhouses, and I’m not going to take any of them!”