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Kellyanne Conway is one of Trump’s top aides. Now her husband is trolling her boss.

George Conway is husband of White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As a top adviser to President Trump, Kellyanne Conway spends her days defending her boss from his legions of critics, making her fiery case on frequent cable TV hits. But it seems that now — as they say in horror stories — the call is coming from inside the house: It seems that her own husband, lawyer George Conway, has joined the very anti-Trump forces she’s fighting against.

George Conway’s Twitter feed has lately become a font of Trump critiques. Here’s the one that really got Beltway types talking: Last week, he retweeted a CNN reporter (a purveyor of what his wife and her boss deride as “FAKE NEWS”) who had posted about how Trump says one thing and then does another, making it hard for White House officials to speak for the president. “So true,” he  wrote. “It’s absurd. Which is why people are banging down the doors to be his comms director.”

Which was … interesting, since his wife is among those names often being mentioned to fill the role of communications director, a job left open when Hope Hicks last month announced she was leaving the job.

There have been plenty of other tweets poking the president, and since George Conway is a lawyer, his focus has often been Trump’s legal woes. On Wednesday, he retweeted former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti’s analysis of how the lawsuit brought by adult-film star Stormy Daniels could prove treacherous for the president. “This is why the suit by Stormy Daniels matters,” Mariotti wrote. “It will be very hard for Trump and Cohen to avoid discovery, including depositions under oath.”

Bear in mind, the Conways’ union is no partisanly “mixed marriage,” a la rabid Dem James Carville and staunch conservative Mary Matalin: George Conway is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican who worked on the legal team that led to the impeachment of Bill Clinton. And Trump even reportedly wanted to appoint him to a top Justice Department post. (Conway eventually bowed out of consideration.)

Until this month, George Conway had mostly ignored his Twitter account or used it for sharing sports news. (HuffPost has a baseball-statistician-like breakdown of the frequency and subjects of his tweets.) But he’s heating up these days, and though he didn’t respond to our request for comment, one has to assume that his social-media missives could make things a little awkward on another platform: the family dinner table.