Ivana Trump likes to talk, okay? The “first Trump wife” (or “first lady,” according to her) admitted as much in a quotable interview with Page Six that ran the gamut from her thoughts on Trump 2020 (unnecessary) to her elder son’s alleged infidelity (most men can’t keep their “zippers up”).

Sitting down with her favorite New York tabloid, the former Mrs. Trump — who has enjoyed renewed media attention since releasing her book, “Raising Trump,” last year — got one thing clear: She doesn’t want to trade places with Melania Trump. It’s a point she has made repeatedly over the past few months. Does the lady protest too much?

“Honestly, I prefer that she’s in” the White House, Ivana Trump said of FLOTUS. “I like to do what I want to do and like to go wherever I want to go with whomever I want to go.” A first lady, she continued, has to put up with constant Secret Service presence.

Plus, it’s not like her ex-husband Donald Trump will be in office for long — at least if Ivana had anything to do with it. The first Mrs. Trump said 45 should hang it up after his current term and “just go and play golf and enjoy his fortune.”

Trump also offered up her thoughts on the Stormy Daniels controversy, expressing empathy while also taking the opportunity to throw shade in the current Mrs. Trump’s direction.

“I feel bad for [Melania] because I know how bad I did feel. It hurts a lot,” said Trump, who divorced the Donald, the father of her three children, after discovering his affair with Marla Maples.  So she has been there. She feels for Melania. She really does. But then again, she’s not the stand-by-your-man type.

“I have pride and I have dignity and stuff like that, but so many women, around the world, they live with the men knowing that they are cheating and stuff like that,” Trump said. “Everybody handles their situation their own way,” she added diplomatically.

Continuing the backhanded-compliment train, Trump said the reason FLOTUS hasn’t appeared on more magazine covers — save for a Vanity Fair Mexico front that featured a recycled photo — was because Melania Trump isn’t a talker.

“I don’t think it’s her fault,” Ivana Trump said. “I think she would do it in a minute if she would be asked. But . . . she doesn’t speak a lot and the magazines [want to interview someone who talks]. You can speak to me for hours and I talk. Some people are more quiet.”

Scenes from Trump’s second year in office

Jan. 8, 2019 | President Trump speaks on television from the Oval Office during a national address on border security on the 18th day of the partial government shutdown. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)