Comedian Michelle Wolf’s burn-laced performance at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner certainly had its critics.

But one fan? Fellow comedian Kathy Griffin, who was attending the dinner as a guest, not a performer. We caught up with her just after Wolf left the stage, and Griffin was all thumbs up, simultaneously praising the “Daily Show” comic’s set and addressing its critics.

“I loved it. She did what she needed to do — and as a female, look, you gotta work harder, you gotta jump higher, and she did that — she went there, fearlessly,” Griffin said.

The room’s chilly reception wasn’t lost on Griffin — but the comedian, whose own criticism of the Trump administration famously sidetracked her career, suggested Wolf’s gender and the attitude of the attendees were at play. “The audience reaction, in a couple times, was tepid, and I really feel like it’s because she’s a woman,” Griffin said. “Some of her comments made a lot of these straighty, backwards dinosaurs uncomfortable, and I live for that. Those were some of my favorite moments.”

“I was sitting next to some guys who were like, ‘Harrumph!’ and I’m like, ‘[expletive] off, you dinosaur.’ ”

Was some of the lack of laughs because Washington can’t take a joke at its own expense? “Washington is sooo thin-skinned,” Griffin said. “I should know.”