Marla Maples attends the Hollywood Reporter’s annual 35 Most Powerful People in Media event in New York on April 12. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

In the ever-expanding ways that sorta-famous folk can monetize their popularity, enter Cameo, a website and app that allows users to order up short personalized videos from an assortment of “celebrities.” (Many of the video messages are purchased as gifts — think of your girlfriend’s favorite Real Housewife sending her a birthday message.)

Among the C-and-below list names on the site (it’s teeming with YouTube stars, pro athletes and minor musicians) is none other than Marla Maples. Though she’s listed as an “actress,” Maples is perhaps most famous for her role as “Wife No. 2″ in the epic story of President Trump. And for $33, you can order a video message of your very own from her. Buyers are asked to fill out a form with their name, number and email, along with special instructions. Sample: “Hi! My friend Carissa just went through a breakup and needs some cheering up.”

So far, it seems Maples gives good video — she’s earned a perfect five-star rating. “Thank you Marla!” wrote one reviewer. “She is still the beautiful lady. Very fast response and adlibbed when appropriate. Well worth the money!” Wrote another, “Totally awesome! Thanks for having fun with it and recognize it was all harmless! Video was lovely! Thanks so so much!”