Tina Fey attends a 2018 Tony Awards press junket in New York on May 2. (Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

It’s been five days since comedian Michelle Wolf’s controversial routine at the White House correspondents’ dinner, and the hand-wringing is far from finished. By this time next week, we predict every famous comedian will have weighed in on Wolf’s performance. On Thursday, it was Tina Fey’s turn.

Fey, “the dean of female comedians” according to “Today” show co-host Savannah Guthrie, appeared on the morning program to chat about her Broadway hit “Mean Girls” and, of course, Wolf.

When asked about the hullabaloo over last weekend’s dinner guest, the “Bossypants” author was unsurprisingly frank.

Fey said that each year whenever she hears the words White House correspondents’ dinner, her first reaction is relief.

“I’m so happy I’m not hosting,” she added. “It’s the roughest room.” The trick she said was to walk up to the lectern and not care what the audience thinks of the next 20 minutes. Fey mentioned Stephen Colbert’s 2006 eye-popping routine as a model.

On Wolf, who joked that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders “burns facts and then she uses that ash to create a perfect smoky eye,” Fey was decisive.

“I think Michelle went and did her job. You can’t ask a coyote to guard the henhouse,” Fey said. “When you invite a comedian into that place where that tone is set, they’re going to give it to you straight, and I think that’s pretty much what she did.”

So that’s a thumbs-up from Fey, who had one last suggestion for the White House Correspondents’ Association, which in a statement said Wolf’s routine was “not in the spirit” of the dinner’s mission.

“But maybe next year a children’s choir,” Fey said.

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