Hey, isn’t that … first daughter and Georgetown Law student Tiffany Trump, hanging with a friend at HalfSmoke in Shaw?

Trump posted an Instagram story of her visit this week to the restaurant-slash-bar, which caters to millennials by offering board games along with boozy milkshakes and craft cocktails. Our favorite part? She posted a pic of herself and her guy pal posing with “Trumped Up Cards,” a “Cards Against Humanity”-style game.

Tiffany captioned the pic “Milkshakes + games” and followed with images of her sipping a frothy concoction and perusing the cards, which poke more than a little fun at her dear old dad — including one she held up that features a cartoonish version of the president yelling, “So sue me!”

Hard to know what’s going on here. Was it a date? (She seems to have broken things off with longtime beau Ross Mechanic.) And was she laughing at or with the game? Neither? As usual, Trump lets her social media shares do the talking — or not.