The recent spate of torrential rain in Washington hasn’t just dampened the city’s patio-drinking plans, it also opened a sinkhole on the White House lawn.

Of course, the visual of a gaping chasm in the earth outside the executive mansion arrived like a gift to the wags of Twitter, who found all kinds of metaphors and riffed away.

There were many “drain the swamp jokes,” naturally.

And the opportunity for puns and wordplay was irresistible.

Voice of America’s Steve Herman tweeted a picture of the hole after it had finally been boarded up. It was “a cover-up,” the reporter declared.

Ariel Edwards-Levy of HuffPost called it “ground breaking news.”

Yes, the sinkhole has its own Twitter handle.

George Takei had theories:

Others imagined the sinkhole was related to another favorite meme, #freemelania.

And plenty of people noted that another sinkhole had appeared on Trump property a year ago.

The White House sinkhole even called the Mar-a-Lago one its “natural di-sister,” because puns.

And much was made of its location — just outside the press briefing room.