Hey, isn’t that … a group of hard-partying Washington Capitals, capping their epic weekend of Stanley Cup celebrations at Cafe Milano on Saturday night?

The group, led by the cup-cradling Alex Ovechkin, posed for pictures with fans — including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, in casual-chic dress, who happened to be at the Georgetown hot spot — and ended up behind the bar with magnums of champagne.

The scene, with champagne flying and the jubilant players in T-shirts and baseball caps, was slightly more boisterous than your typical Saturday-evening crowd at Milano might expect. Not that the power diners minded: Ovi and Co. led the well-heeled crowd in a boisterous rendition of “We Are the Champions.” To follow the team’s rollicking weekend of celebration (tattoos! swimming in fountains!), check out our colleagues’ recap at the Sports Bog here.