Hey isn’t that . . . a group of D.C.-famous VIPs toasting man-about-town Paul Wharton at the Darcy hotel on Friday night?

Wharton, whom you’ll recognize as Washington’s perfectly coifed “it” guy (in addition to his cameos on “The Real Housewives” franchise), was nominated for a local Emmy for “Home for the Holidays with Paul Wharton and Patti LaBelle.” (The two are pals.) To celebrate the nod, Wharton’s other fabulous friends — publicist Erika Gutierrez Sheridan, celebrity makeup artist Erwin Gomez and others  — gathered to nosh on oysters and foie gras, as you do.

Just before the party ended, an unexpected guest made a dramatic entrance amid flashing iPhones. Former Trump staffer (and on-again, off-again Wharton bestie) Omarosa Manigault Newman arrived just in time for photos. The reality-show vet, who’s been off the radar since her confessional, post-White House appearances on “Celebrity Big Brother,” was overheard chatting about her forthcoming book; the under-the-wraps tell-all is supposedly scheduled to drop in August. Wharton, who didn’t end up nabbing that Capital Emmy at the Saturday ceremony, told us that despite their political differences, he and Omarosa “always show up for each other.”