Here’s a remix to one of the most famous quotes from former first lady Michelle Obama that Democrats will appreciate this November: When they go low, we go to the polls.

Obama, along with a growing cast of her famous friends, announced a new nonpartisan voter registration organization Thursday called When We All Vote. The national nonprofit group “will start a conversation on the responsibilities that we all have in shaping our country’s future through the ballot box,” according to the official press release. The goal is to recruit and train individuals and institutions to increase both registration and participation.

A co-chair of the new nonprofit organization, Obama is finally using both her star power and deep bench of big names to jump into the political fray post-White House.

“Can you help me get people registered?” Obama asks her pal Lin-Manuel Miranda in one of the first PSAs released by the initiative. The answer is obviously yes, and Miranda is just one of many famous faces to appear in the video about what Obama calls “the most basic American responsibility.” Additional co-chairs that make cameos include Chris Paul, Janelle Monáe, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.