Jumping from Fox News to a pro-Trump PAC isn’t exactly a yuge leap — Kimberly Guilfoyle has left her gig as co-host of the network’s show “The Five” to make her Trump boosterism official.

Fox confirmed her departure Friday, and Guilfoyle announced in a tweet Monday that she will be vice chairwoman of the America First PAC.

The move brings Guilfoyle even further into her boyfriend’s family fold — she’s dating eldest Trump son Donald Trump Jr., and the couple has been all over social media, with the first son posting pics of the happy couple on hunting trips, a jaunt to Paris and at the White House for the Independence Day festivities earlier this month.

It prompted one ethics watchdog to bark: The PAC “can’t coordinate with the Trump campaign,” the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington tweeted, noting that Trump Jr. is a key campaign surrogate.

The former TV personality had at one time been under consideration to replace former White House spokesman Sean Spicer. Guilfoyle was previously married to California lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom and Trump Jr. recently split from wife Vanessa.

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