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Barack Obama and Joe Biden grab lunch in Georgetown, and the crowd goes wild

Former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden stopped for a surprise lunch at Dog Tag Bakery in Georgetown on July 30. (Video: Dog Tag Bakery)

Hey, isn’t that . . . old pals Barack Obama and Joe Biden having a not-so-private lunch in Georgetown?

Having Secret Service show up at her cafe isn’t out of the ordinary, according to Dog Tag Bakery chief executive Meghan Ogilvie. This is Washington, after all. But when the men in black pull you outside for a quick chat? Something big’s about to happen.

Ogilvie was informed that the former president and vice president wanted to stop by the nonprofit bakery that teaches veterans, military spouses and caregivers about business. Oh, and they’d be there in, like, six minutes.

“I’m a little bit awestruck,” said Ogilvie, who made sure all 13 of the nonprofit’s fellows were in the cafe to meet Obama and Biden. The former politicians spent time with each one. “They shook every fellow’s hand, hugged them and listened to their stories. It was just a phenomenal scene.”

The Democratic duo, both sporting their workweek duds (khakis and button-downs, sans ties), then headed to the counter to order sandwiches, cake and coffee. “Joe’s paying,” Obama joked before the two sat down to enjoy their lunch and chat alone for about 10 minutes.

By the time they left the bakery, a small crowd had gathered outside as the VVIPs and BFFs hopped into a pair of black SUVs.

“It was really just such an uplifting moment for everybody,” Ogilvie said.