Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest dupe on his Showtime program “Who is America”? Welcome to the show, former Trump presidential campaign manager Corey Lewandowski!

In a segment timed to coincide with the anniversary of the demonstration by white supremacists in Charlottesville last year, Cohen used the persona Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., a conspiracy theorist who runs the fictional far-right, to get Lewandowski to sit down with him. The results aren’t as wild as some of the comedian’s previous stunt-laced interviews with the likes of former vice president Dick Cheney (he signed a “waterboarding kit”) or unsuccessful Senate candidate Roy Moore (Cohen used a fake “pedophile detector” on him).

In the episode of the show that aired Sunday, “Ruddick” presses Lewandowski to defend Trump against charges of racism, baiting him by asking about the deadly Charlottesville march. “Why should the president pick a side between antifascists and fascists?”

“There is a place and time to disagree with people — everywhere,” Lewandowski responded. “You don’t have to agree with people. You have to respect them, and you can’t be attacking them.”

Cohen-as-Ruddick seemingly tries to get the former Trump aide to side with the white supremacists. “You can’t be attacking honest, fascist people that just want to express their right to start a genocide — that is their right.”

Lewandowski, though, wasn’t going for it:  “I don’t know about that.”

In another segment on the same topic, Cohen slipped into the character of Finnish YouTube star OMGWhizzboyOMG to interview Trump supporter and former sheriff David Clarke. He asked what Clarke would have done if he had been a sheriff in the 1930s when antifascists were marching.

“You have to act aggressively . . . you have to use force to disperse the crowd,” Clarke said. “You have be willing to arrest people. Take them to jail.”

Cohen attempted to get Clarke to associate himself with fascists. “It’s a shame there weren’t brave sheriffs like you around in Germany in the ’30s,” he said. “Because you could have protected the fascists and let them speak their mind a bit clearer, and then things could have been done a bit quicker.”

To which Clarke explained that no one wants to “take sides.”

“Of course not, especially in Germany in the 1930s,” was OMGWhizzboyOMG’s retort.

In yet another segment, Cohen posed as Israeli anti-terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad to get pro-gun activist Dan Roberts of the Youth Shooters of America to participate in one of his anti-terrorist training sessions. After telling Roberts that many terrorists are children, he shows him how to identify babies wearing “suicide diapers.”

Previous episodes of “Who is America” have proved more controversial, including one in which Georgia GOP state lawmaker Jason Spencer dropped his pants — and the n-word — after which he resigned from his seat.