In her own words, Sarah Silverman is a “horny, liberal, Jewish woman on the hunt for . . .,” well, we can’t print the rest in a family newspaper. And in the latest episode of the comedian’s topical Hulu series “I Love You, America,” she seems to have fulfilled her weird dating fantasies with none other than Washington’s own Doug Heye.

Heye, 46, a Beltway insider and veteran political consultant, was tapped by the show in August to go on a blind date with Silverman. Producers had been looking for a Republican around Silverman’s age who was comfortable on camera, and Heye’s name kept coming up. The resulting seven minutes of television is supposed to be proof that a liberal and a conservative can make sparks fly — or, at the very least, make decent TV. But what was in it for Heye?

“I didn’t vote for Trump,” Heye recalled telling the show’s producers. So if they wanted someone to walk into Elizabeth’s Gone Raw on L Street wearing a giant red MAGA hat, they had the wrong guy. “That’s not me,” added Heye, a CNN contributor who checked with several colleagues, including Dana Bash and Maggie Haberman, to see if this whole thing was a good idea.

Everyone said do it. Why not? Well, besides the high potential for embarrassment, heavy editing that could make him look like a nut, or just all those high school-reminiscent awkward silences.

Silverman showed up for the date in a cheetah-print dress, and Heye came bearing Godiva chocolates. His original plan was a wrist corsage, but he soon found out that no self-respecting florist has those on hand outside of prom season.

The edited version of the hour-long date that resulted was more job interview than love connection. Silverman asked Heye to tell her everything about himself that she’d possibly hate. He’s pro-tobacco (but doesn’t smoke), pro-plastic straw (but believes in climate change) and didn’t vote for Trump (but wrote in Paul Ryan). The comedian admitted post-dinner that she didn’t plan on marrying Heye, but joked — we think — that she would definitely take him back to her hotel room.

Heye, who repeatedly referred to Silverman as “delightful,” told us he was just happy that a liberal and a conservative could sit down and a have a nice meal, and a civil, albeit at times awkward, conversation.

“In light of Ted Cruz being thrown out of a restaurant, those conversations are really important to have,” Heye said. “And she has a very important voice that people listen to.”

In the months since their “date,” Heye hasn’t heard from Silverman (yet) and remains single.

“This was my third date of the year, and it was a fake one for Hulu,” Heye said. “Fantastic.”