Hey, isn’t that . . . Kanye West, fresh from his White House confab, at the Georgetown Apple store Thursday?

The rapper and new bestie of President Trump traded the button-down shirt and MAGA hat he wore to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for casual togs topped by a U.S. Postal Service vest and a purple hat. West seemed to surprise shoppers by standing on top of a table and delivering more of the stream-of-consciousness speech he had delivered in the Oval Office, per social media evidence.

Jack Jenkins, a reporter for Religion News Service, tweeted about the bizarre encounter. Among the highlights: West called his address to the crowd a “keynote,” and he said he had made a hat for Trump that read “Make America Great” without the “again” — and that Trump wore it. West left the store declaring that he was going to Africa, Jenkins tweeted.

Perhaps West was at the Apple store to get his password changed, after video from the Oval Office showed him using an easy-to-decipher code? Or to talk about his proposal to Trump that Apple could develop the “iPlane 1,” a hydrogen-powered craft that would replace Air Force One?

The Apple geniuses aren’t saying: A woman who answered the phone at the store confirmed that West visited but said she couldn’t comment further.