"It’s a misunderstanding of what the movie was trying to do,” said James R. Hansen, author of the book “First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong,” upon which the movie is based.

The evening required some nimble maneuvering for guests determined to be seen at both.

"We were told by the CEO of Josten that it was the most expensive ring they have ever made for any professional sport."

At a Washington screening of the upcoming film, the cast and crew talked about subjects that were more Capitol Hill than “Access Hollywood."

The rock star and the politico make an unusual pairing from an outside perspective, but their ideologies sync up.

At “The World's Biggest USO Tour,” FGL tossed guitar picks into the audience and celebrity chef Robert Irvine showed off his age-defying physique.

But cooking star Ree Drummond showed up on the Hill the same day as a “suspicious package,” causing some distractions.

The Oscar-nominated actor and '97 alumnus of the university spoke to students about his directorial debut and the importance of never giving up.

Sir Ben Kingsley, who depicts Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann in the film, said the only ones who have the right to speak to what constitutes Nazism these days are survivors.

The film's poster, which features Lincoln and Trump's faces merged together, embodies what D'Souza has become known for: provocative stunts intended to get a rise out of critics.

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