The Washington Post

Bowser showed off her mixology skills at the Hotel Hive ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Sen. Joni Ernst said she ordered Russian dressing for her salad, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi greeted the Trump administration with a cheeky "Nasdrovia!"

The fundraiser for the Red Cross had a royal-court theme.

Her presence at the diplomatic shindig hints that she might prove to be a White House proxy in social Washington.

It was doubtful whether anyone at this celebration of democracy voted Republican.

Trump resentment was a common theme throughout the night.

"We have a lot of fighting to do,” the Minnesota Democrat told the partygoers.

About 500 VIPs, including Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker, toasted the new administration at Cafe Milano.

The Lone Star crowd toasts a Trump inauguration with the Beach Boys, Cabinet secretaries, and luxury shopping.

Compared to the staid changeover at 10 Downing Street, the presidential inauguration is: “A whole week of parties!"

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