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The Washington Post

A little sympathy from the Brits.

The Veep and aviator aficionado also thinks the sunglasses company should sponsor him.

Don't expect the host of “Parts Unknown” to get too political on his food show.

Actually, the Piano Man used a more colorful word to describe what Metro riders would have to endure after his Washington concert.

And yes, the Supreme Court justice is indeed a celebrity.

The 'That '70s Show' alum said in a recent interview that sound bites (not substance) have gotten the GOP presidential candidate this far.

The action star, currently on a promotional tour for his new film "Jason Bourne," said that the U.S. can't talk about the "personal" issue "sensibly."

To this day Radcliffe, who starred in the "Harry Potter" franchise, said he couldn't relate to the real estate mogul's "level of confidence."

And no, the reality star didn't forget that her husband, Kanye West, isn't the former president's biggest fan.

Is the former reality TV villain gearing up for a role in the Trump White House?

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