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This week's Mix the New is all about fame and its price on the dance floor.

"Hill & Dale" owner curates a museum-quality playlist of music by women.

The band's bassist Jacob Michael puts together a playlist for protesters.

DJ Dyn-O-Might re-imagines Chuck Brown as a singing Uncle Sam.

Nicole "DJ Heat" Mosley lists the "anthems for independent women" in honor of musical queens like Aretha Franklin.

The principal trumpet at the National Symphony Orchestra gives us a list of his favorite fanfares.

Dante Ferrando, owner of the Black Cat, and his team score your right to privacy.

In this week's Mix the News DJ Adrian Loving provides the soundtrack to the first lady's 50th birthday party.

In a new feature called “Mix the News,” we ask a local spin doctor to compose a playlist based on Topic A of the week.