Tenea, a city on a Greek isthmus settled by prisoners brought over from Troy, thrived against the odds, then disappeared. Until now.

A jarring 1933 photo of Adolf Hitler embracing 6-year-old Rosa Bernile Nineau at his mountainside retreat was sold by a Maryland auction houseTuesday for $11,000.

Junkyards, motels, industry sites, a run-down ice skating rink and an airport drive-in theater once occupied what is now known as Crystal City.

In seven minutes, the 1933 Griffith Park fire killed 29 men — tying with the death toll of the Camp Fire that continues to rage in California.

An empty foxhole and a nearby grave across the Rhine River are finally linked to yield the name of a long-missing U.S. soldier from World War II.

When Ulysses S. Grant’s widow wrote a memoir in 1899, no one wanted it. Now books by former first ladies are huge bestsellers that command millions of dollars.

A century ago, on November 11, 1918, bugle calls ended 'the war to end all wars."

On Nov. 11, 1921, thousands gathered to honor one fallen World War I veteran. And no one knew who that fallen veteran was.

Mary Ann Arnold was illiterate, so she got friends and neighbors to write her letters to her husband,John, a soldier in the Union army. The couple pledged their love until death, He was killed three days before the war ended in 1865.

By the end of Toby Whelchel’s rampage in 2005, he killed three people and injured five, before killing himself.

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