Mueller and Ken Starr may be the most famous independent counsels, but other special prosecutors dating to the 19th century played roles in making the job powerful and high profile.

This commander in chief didn't tweet his displeasure in 1967. He called the president of CBS at 3 a.m. to vent.

  • Ronald G. Shafer
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Long after discovering a metallic negative of a well-dressed lady near a Virginia battlefield, I used Adobe Photoshop to develop it. The results are amazing.

  • Kevin Ambrose
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Before he was charged with killing 50 people at two mosques, Brenton Harrison Tarrant covered his arsenal with symbols and names that medieval historians recognized immediately.

Prosecutors announced charges this week against just one of the British soldiers who opened fire on protesters in 1972, killing 13 unarmed people. For many, the pain of that day has never faded.

New Zealand changed its gun laws after 13 people, including four children, were killed by a disgruntled neighbor.

As a new film, "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase" hits movie theaters Friday, here’s a look at why the fictional character remains beloved by Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and three Supreme Court justices.

Ignoring the bitter lessons of 1937, some modern-day liberals are pushing to expand the size of the Supreme Court again.

Meet Robert Morris, the Founding Father who asked Congress to examine his financial dealings in 1790.

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