The copy, one of 51 that scholars are aware of, has resurfaced via its purchase last month by a billionaire philanthropist.

Nearly half of Florida's teachers didn't show up for work on Feb. 19, 1968, marking the nation's first statewide teachers’ strike.

Karl T. Frederick, an Olympic sharpshooter who was the Wayne LaPierre of the 1930s, told Congress he despised the ‘promiscuous toting of guns.'

The first ski jump took place long before the advent of extreme sports.

The next time you're about to throw strange hair away, think carefully, and remember this story.

The famed abolitionist wasn't sure how Lincoln would treat him. But he was outraged by the Confederacy's abuse of black prisoners of war and wanted the commander in chief to take action to defend them.

Richard and George Cadbury, strict and abstemious Quakers, built a conglomerate of indulgence in Victorian-era England.

The history of food stamps as the Trump administration pushes a 'Blue Apron-type program' and billions of dollars in cuts.

The strike began 50 years ago after two workers were crushed on the back of a garbage truck. It won the support of Martin Luther King Jr. and ended with his death.

The 32 black-and-white snapshots were like frames from a disturbing home movie —  four men marched to the gallows and hanged one by one. There’s a large crowd of onlookers present. Many are in military uniforms. Two priests accompany the condemned and raise crucifixes for them to kiss moments before execution. The scene is the stone courtyard […]

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