Teressa Raiford was 11 years old when her grandparents found dead possums outside Burger Barn, one of the Oregon city's only Black-owned restaurants. The police officers responsible claimed it was a prank, not a racist attack.

For Cynthia Brown, the 2020 election wasn't just about the future. It was also about Wilmington's harrowing past.

A cry from disillusioned youth, summed up in a famous essay _ 100 years ago. Presented with a “ruined world...knocked to pieces, leaky,red-hot, threatening to blow up,” they felt brutalized by forebears.

Like Amy Coney Barrett, Edwin M. Stanton was confirmed by a bitterly divided Senate for the high court in 1869 without a single vote from a Democrat. But Stanton, who'd served as Lincoln's secretary of war during the Civil War, never made it to the bench.

The town famous for one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War has been the scene of angry confrontations for weeks.

The National Woman’s Party said it is donating a large collection of artifacts, many from the Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument in D.C., to the federal government.

Elected to the Georgia state Senate in 1868, Tunis G. Campbell spent his life championing the rights of Black people, meeting with fierce resistance at every step.

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Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum called the discovery a significant moment in Tulsa history, but more work must be done to determine whether the remains are connected to the century-old massacre

A state archaeologist said the bones discovered Tuesday in Oaklawn Cemetery will be examined for trauma.

Exactly where they are buried remains a century-old mystery. On Monday, the city will begin digging for a second time in Oaklawn Cemetery.

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