The list of new honorees added to the Memorial Plaques in the State Department lobby include a man who was born enslaved and died an ambassador and a foreign service officer who was stabbed to death by his boss.

Kenneth Lamar Noid, then 22, took two restaurant employees hostage because he wrongly believed that the antihero character had been named after him.

The key role children played in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and why it matters today.

Abraham Lincoln went to see a play at Ford’s Theatre in 1865 under the watch of a new bodyguard, D.C. police officer John Frederick Parker, who disappeared instead of protecting the president.

  • Ronald G. Shafer
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The lost silver shilling, probably dropped by colonist, turned up in St. Mary’s.

The Lincolns had four sons. Mary buried three of them. A new exhibit at President Lincoln's Cottage sheds light on bereaved parents, then and now.

More than 130 years after Mississippi imposed a poll tax and literacy test to keep Blacks from voting, President Biden others warn that Jim Crow-style disenfranchisement is resurfacing in efforts by Georgia, Texas and other states to restrict voting.

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The ship that almost lost the Unknown Soldier: In 1921 the USS Olympia nearly capsized in a storm bringing the unknown home.

Virginia’s governor ordered an investigation into racism at his alma mater, but acknowledges the bigotry at Virginia Military Institute didn’t register when he was a cadet.

The 2020 Census, which will be released soon, has been contentious. The 1870 count was an ugly process, too.

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