The USS Tampa was sunk by a German sub 100 years ago this month, killing all 130 on board and making it the Navy's worst combat loss of World War I.

A shipwreck amid dense North Atlantic ice in 1856 had one survivor. His story helped spur a long battle to mandate watertight compartments in American vessels to improve safety.

Ratified 50 years ago, the constitutional amendment isn't a crowbar to pry Trump out of office by finding him unfit. Here's why.

A new HBO documentary looks at Fonda's life, including her controversial 1972 visit to Hanoi.

"The malicious defamation of Professor Hill ... sent a dangerous message to any woman who might contemplate a sexual harassment complaint,” read the 1991 ad in the New York Times.

In 1768, Cook set sail on the HMB Endeavour for the Pacific, eventually reaching the then-uncharted continent of Australia.

Forty-five years after Jane Mason sculpted the men of Watergate, the busts could have another chance at the spotlight — if she can find a museum interested in exhibiting a not-so-subtle reminder of the past.

One of the women elected to the Senate in 1992: Dianne Feinstein, now the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee as another Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, faces a sexual assault allegation.

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The former vice president recently apologized for what Hill endured while he was a senator during the 1991 Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

Woodrow Wilson also sent the woman $7,500 — about $183,000 today.

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