Allegations by Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos against the National Enquirer have resurfaced the ugly history of newspapers blackmailing high society members of their communities.

On Valentine's Day, a look back at presidents who married in office, including longtime bachelor Grover Cleveland — the only president to wed at the White House.

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He was an Indian, and she was white. When Ely Parker married Minnie Sackett, “the creme de la creme of Washington society” came to watch.

The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on Monday upheld a lower court's ruling to unseal grand jury transcripts in the 1946 lynchings of two black couples by a white mob at Moore's Ford Bridge in Georgia.

Determined to protect African American voting rights, President Rutherford B. Hayes refused to budge during a showdown with congressional Democrats 140 years ago.

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Forty years ago, a key battle in Iran's Islamic revolution claimed the life of my friend, veteran correspondent Joe Alex Morris Jr., and changed the Middle East.

"A Lie Too Big to Fail" argues Robert A. Maheu was behind Bobby Kennedy's 1968 killing and Sirhan Sirhan was framed.

Stone, who has been indicted in the special counsel’s Russia investigation, may need a pardon himself. He’s an unlikely champion for Garvey, who died in 1940.

In a 1974 speech, the president called for an end to investigations pertaining to the "Watergate affair." In 2019, the president made a similar appeal.

American slavery was born in Virginia, and its legacy has tormented the state for 400 years.

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