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Let’s connect the dots …

Spain is coming to the Washington area for pre-World Cup training in early June.

While in the Washington area, Spain is planning to play a friendly.

Many of the pre-Cup friendlies at U.S. venues are Soccer United Marketing projects.

SUM has signed up El Salvador as send-off fodder.

El Salvador plays in Washington regularly.

SUM wants a Spain-El Salvador friendly in Washington, multiple contacts say.

SUM is a division of MLS.

D.C. United is an MLS club.

D.C. United is scheduled to play the Columbus Crew in an MLS regular season match June 7 at RFK Stadium.

RFK is plenty big enough for an MLS match.

RFK is not big — or modern — enough to generate the revenue required to cover the cost of hosting Spain.

FedEx Field is.

Spain wants to play June 6 or 7 before departing for Brazil on the 8th.

June 7 is the date being tossed around in local circles.

Playing an MLS match and an international match on the same day 7 1/2 miles apart (even at different times) is not smart business for MLS, which has a stake in both games.

Playing an MLS match as part of a doubleheader with the world champions and an opponent with a built-in fan base is smart business for MLS, if the various entities can work out complicated financial details.

Reasonable speculation: D.C. United vs. Columbus Crew and Spain vs. El Salvador on June 7 at FedEx Field.

“Lots of moving parts,” one source said of the complex discussions — but declining to confirm a possible doubleheader.

United officials are mum. So are the Redskins, who own the soulless arena off Central Avenue.

The pieces seem to fit just right.

Will it happen? Or will DCU and Spain play separate matches a day or two apart?

We should find out soon …