NBC, home of the English Premier League. (NBC Sports photo) NBC, home of the English Premier League. (NBC Sports photo)

If you have got plans on May 11 between 10 a.m. and noon Eastern time, you may as well cancel ’em now.

It’s the final day of the Premier League season, and NBCUniversal is planning to carry all 10 matches simultaneously on various TV platforms:


NBC Sports Network

USA Network





Esquire Network



The network will make channel assignments in early May. NBC Sports Live Extra, available online and via mobile devices and tablets, will carry all 10 matches, as well.

Presumably NBC will feature the most important matches, based on championship race, Euro slots at stake and relegation, on the first five channels listed above. Inconsequential matches will likely appear on the secondary channels. (Man U on SyFy?!)

The schedule (with current place in the standings in parentheses):

(1) Liverpool vs. (9) Newcastle

(2) Chelsea at (18) Cardiff City

(3) Manchester City vs. (12) West Ham

(4) Arsenal at (17) Norwich City

(5) Everton at (14) Hull City

(6) Tottenham Hotspur vs. (15) Aston Villa

(7) Manchester United at (8) Southampton

(10) Stoke City at (16) West Brom

(11) Crystal Palace at (19) Fulham

(13) Swansea City at (20) Sunderland

Spanish-language channels Telemundo and mun2 will carry different matches. Starting at 9 a.m., CNBC will present Premier League Live, a one-hour pregame show.