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Professional athletes have been recording albums for years now, with mostly horrific results. Clint Dempsey of the U.S. soccer team hopes to change that.

The Wall Street Journal, America’s No. 1 source for hip-hop news, has the details:

Unbeknown to his fans and teammates, the 31-year-old Mr. Dempsey spent two weeks in Los Angeles during the off-season recording a 13-track album, “The Redux,” which he and his friend, the rapper XO, plan to release in the months ahead. Using his artist name “Deuce,” Major League Soccer’s highest-paid player raps about going from rags to riches, “banging Gs” (scoring goals) and being “Captain America.”

“We just were having fun with it and it ended up being an album,” said Mr. Dempsey, who collaborated with rappers and producers from his hometown of Nacogdoches, Texas. One of them, Mike Chehadé, said that if nothing else, the record could help make the U.S. team seem a little more intimidating.

“We’re not known as a soccer powerhouse—we’re almost known for being soft. But Clint has this edge,” he said.

This is no celebrity-athlete lark, apparently. Dempsey has been rapping for years. “He’ll just call you sometimes and start free-styling—he doesn’t even say hello,” Chehade told the Wall Street Journal.

The first single off the new album, “It’s Poppin,” drops Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT at Deuceandxo.com, the Wall Street Journal reports. But for now, here’s Deuce’s 2006 efford, “Don’t Tread.”