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It hasn’t exactly been the smoothest of World Cups for Ghana. The Black Stars had their hearts ripped out by the United States’ John Brooks late in their group-stage opener, and a British newspaper and television station have published the results of an investigation that found that a FIFA-licensed agent and Ghana club chief executive offered to fix national-team exhibition matches before the World Cup.

But hey, at least a plane stuffed full of cash is on its way to Brazil so Ghana’s players can get paid. Per Bloomberg:

Ghana has sent a plane carrying more than $3 million in cash to Brazil to pay the World Cup appearance fees owed to the national soccer team, known as the Black Stars.

“The players insisted that they will want physical cash,” Deputy Sports Minister Joseph Yammin said in comments broadcast by Accra-based Citi FM. “Government had to mobilize the money and a chartered flight to Brazil. The money is in excess of $3 million.”

Ghana’s President John Dramani Mahama contacted the team and the arrangements for payment were made after, the Ghana Football Association said in a statement on its website. The players will be paid today and government will be reimbursed by money awarded to Ghana by FIFA, soccer’s governing body, the association said.

Ghana still has a chance to advance into the knockout round with a win over Portugal on Thursday, but it faces long odds because of the tiebreakers involved: Ghana needs a win — preferably one in which it scores a bunch of goals — combined with a United States loss (because of Germany’s sizable goal-differential edge, a Ghana win coupled with a United States win likely won’t do the trick). Perhaps the thought of a big wad of cash will inspire the Black Stars to new heights.