Brazil fans hoped that dressing Mick Jagger up in Germany colors would appease the soccer gods on Tuesday. It did not. (Getty Images)

A word of warning to soccer fans: If Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is in the stands supporting your team at the World Cup — or even if he makes an onstage prediction that your team will win at the World Cup — you should pretty much pack it up and start planning for four years down the road.

The Jagger Curse struck again Tuesday, as Jagger was in a luxury box surrounded by Brazil supporters — including his 15-year-old son by Luciana Giminez, a Brazilian model and celebrity — to watch Germany’s 7-1 humiliation of the host country.

Brazilian fans begged him not to attend the game or even offer his words of support, dubbing him “pe frio,” which translates literally to “cold foot” and is a term meaning a person who brings bad luck in Brazil. Fans at Tuesday’s game also brought cardboard cutouts of Jagger wearing a Germany jersey, just in case. But the Jagger Curse is apparently unstoppable, and now Brazilians are blaming him  for their historic, shameful defeat in the World Cup semifinals.

It’s gotten so bad that Giminez took to Instagram to ask every to please stop cyber-bullying Jagger.

The curse started four years ago at the World Cup in South Africa, when Jagger attended three games in which the team he was directly or nominally supporting was eliminated. He was sitting next to former President Bill Clinton when the United States was knocked out by Ghana in the round of 16 and was there the next day to watch his homeland England get clubbed by Germany. Then, in the quarterfinals, he was sporting a Brazil jersey in the stands when the soccer power was shocked by the Netherlands.

This year, the curse continued with some onstage predictions during the Stones’ recent European tour. Here’s the Associated Press:

At a concert in Rome on Saturday night, Jagger predicted to 70,000 fans that four-time World Cup champion Italy would pull off a clutch victory over Uruguay to advance to the knockout phase. The Italians lost 1-0 Tuesday and were headed home after the tournament’s first round.

At a show in Lisbon in May, the singer predicted that Portugal, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, the game’s top player heading into the World Cup, would win it all at the monthlong tournament in Brazil. Portugal is on the brink of elimination after failing to win in its first two group matches.

Earlier in the World Cup, Jagger suffered some good-hearted ridicule after taking to Twitter on June 19 to urge on his native England in a game, also with Uruguay. “Let’s go England! This is the one to win!!,” he wrote. England lost.

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