(David Fernandez/EPA)

There are a lot of VIP guests ready to watch the Germany-Argentina final this afternoon.

Forgetting the fact that somehow Ashton Kutcher got on the short list of FIFA VIP guests, more importantly, there is one noteworthy person missing from the list — the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She declined her invitation to watch Lionel Messi and her home team to attend her grandson’s first birthday isntead. In a letter to Brazil’s President Dilma Rouseff, Fernandez wrote (via Merco Press):

“On July 14, my grandson Nestor Ivan, who lives in Rio Gallegos [Argentina], will be one year old. You can imagine that as a grandmother, just like you, how much I’m looking forward to share with my family this event.”

Even though little Nestor’s birthday isn’t until Monday, though, Fernandez said she’ll miss today’s final because of a doctor’s order. Citing her recovery from “a severe case of pharyngo-laryngitis,” Fernandez goes into detail about how her doctors advised against overexerting herself by jaunting around South America too much.

“The doctors have recommended that I travel to Rio Gallegos (a three-hour flight) on condition that I rest on Sunday and then fly directly from Rio Gallegos to Brasilia [for the Brics-Unasur meeting] on July 15, avoiding all physical efforts and reiterating that flights can cause a relapse of the sickness.”

Yes, Messi means a lot to the Argentinian nation, but not as much as a grandson means to his abuela.

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