For the first three years of NBC’s sterling presentation of the Premier League, no metropolitan area gobbled up coverage like Washington, D.C. As the fourth season reaches its conclusion this week, the nation’s capital is again among the network’s strongest markets.

Barring a late viewership surge, however, a feisty neighbor will claim the title of the city with the densest support of the world’s most popular soccer league: Baltimore.

Through Monday’s matches on NBC and NBCSN, Charm City leads the way, followed by Washington and Austin. Baltimore was tied for fifth in the ratings last year and finished third in 2013-14.

The order is decided by ratings, which measure the percentage of households — not cumulative audience — watching a specific program. The overall number of viewers is, of course, highest in the largest population markets.

The count does not include matches appearing on CNBC, alternate channels or live streams.

A more extensive breakdown of the more than 200 U.S. markets — such as the highest ratings for midday matches appearing on the main national channel only, which are more readily available to West Coast fans — is expected next week. Seattle is the three-time defending ratings champion for games appearing on NBC exclusively.

The current NBC/NBCSN leaders:

1. Baltimore

2. Washington

3. Austin

4. (tie) Atlanta

4. (tie) Columbus

6. West Palm Beach

7. Boston

8. (tie) St. Louis

8. (tie) Philadelphia

10. (tie) New York

10. (tie) Providence

NBC will culminate 2016-17 coverage Sunday morning with presentation of all 10 matches played simultaneously on an array of TV outlets, starting at 10 a.m. Eastern time.

(Current place in the standings in parentheses)

NBC: Arsenal (5) vs. Everton (7)

NBCSN: Liverpool (4) vs. Middlesbrough (19)

USA: Watford (16) vs. Manchester City (3)

CNBC: Manchester United (6) vs. Crystal Palace (13)

MSNBC: Hull City (18) vs. Tottenham Hotspur (2)

SYFY: Chelsea (1) vs. Sunderland (20)

Bravo: Leicester City (11) vs. Bournemouth (10)

E!: Southampton (8) vs. Stoke City (14)

Esquire: Swansea City (17) vs. West Brom (9)

Oxygen: Burnley (15) vs. West Ham (12)

Spanish-language outlets: Arsenal-Everton on Telemundo, Watford-Manchester City on Universo. All matches are available on the NBC Sports Live Extra app and