UPDATE: Now Uruguayan fans seems to be in a cleaning mood. Here they are Wednesday afternoon tidying up after their side’s win against Saudi Arabia. That clinched Uruguay a spot in the knockout stage.

Original post: The search for the World Cup’s most polite fans is down to two finalists: Japan and Senegal.

Groups of fans from both stayed at their respective stadiums after their teams’ wins on Tuesday to pick up trash and lighten the work of the 15,000 or so Russian volunteers.

Japan is known for this behavior. In the 2014 World Cup, Samurai Blue supporters brought big trash bags with them for use after the match with Colombia in Recife, Brazil.

This year in Russia, the bags came back, and the world took notice.

And then Senegal fans, after their Lions upset Poland, 2-1, followed suit. They stacked all the trash in their sections into neat piles, the next best thing if you don’t bring big blue trash bags.

Not bad, Senegal and Japan. Not bad at all.

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