France defeated Croatia, 4-2, in Moscow on Sunday for its second World Cup title. It was the highest-scoring World Cup final since England beat Germany, 4-2, in extra time in 1966 and the most in regulation since Brazil’s 5-2 triumph over Sweden in 1958.

See below for scores and recaps of every game in the knockout round. For scores, standings and recaps of the entire tournament, you can see the full schedule here.


France 4, Croatia 2

Third-place match

Belgium 2, England 0


France 1, Belgium 0

Croatia 2, England 1


France 2, Uruguay 0

Belgium 2, Brazil 1

England 2, Sweden 0

Russia 2, Croatia 2 (Croatia advances, 4-3, on penalty kicks)

Round of 16 results

France 4, Argentina 3

Uruguay 2, Portugal 1

Russia 1, Spain 1 (Russia advances, 4-3, on penalty kicks)

Croatia 1, Denmark 1 (Croatia advances, 3-2, on penalty kicks)

Brazil 2, Mexico 0

Belgium 3, Japan 2

Sweden 1, Switzerland 0

England 1, Colombia 1 (England advances, 4-3, on penalty kicks)

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