I'm no Meg Ryan, but it didn't matter.

He loved to chat online. But what would it be like in person?

Why some people are teaming up to be platonic parents together.


Friends grow apart all the time, but we rarely talk about it

A breakup without the breakup talk.

If faith is a quality that I’m looking for in a partner, then wouldn't it make sense to go on a date where we explore it?

I spend more time focusing on, and articulating, my own needs.

It's a way to let the other person know that I’m interested without coming on too strong.

In Pakistan, Cupid is controversial. But that's never stopped me or my family from spreading love.

The simple traditions of Feb. 14 imply that finding love is easy. It's not.

The spinster stereotype leaves women little room to admit that being single is sometimes wonderful and sometimes hard.

She works for the family business. She loves a good catchphrase. And don't you dare call her stupid.

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