• Perspective

In the depths of my grief, I wanted sex and intimacy without having to date or be emotionally available.

“This isn’t a story about a fat, ugly woman who gets beautiful,” she says in an interview. “It’s about a girl with really low self-esteem.”

  • Perspective

I always assumed I’d end up with a Peter Pan — or no one at all.


Friends grow apart all the time, but we rarely talk about it

A breakup without the breakup talk.

If students don't learn how to date while they're in college, it only gets harder to build those skills after graduation.

  • Perspective

Some of the most supportive men in my life last year, I met by swiping right.

“A lot of women just see it as a job. I see it as wealth redistribution."

  • Analysis

Hundreds turn out for the show's sold-out concert tour.

Victoria Higgins does not wish her fiance's prom date any ill will.

  • Analysis

Having a partner can help mitigate familial or societal discrimination.

  • Analysis

Using certain terms can reinforce gender stereotypes.

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