It’s been clear from the start of this season of “The Bachelorette”: Chad is horrible. He thinks he’s better than everyone and insults the other contestants for being short or unmanly (in his mind, the former equals the latter). He nearly got into a fight with one of them on Monday night’s episode, something we’ll surely see happen before long. He’s even insulted JoJo — calling her “naggy” when she asked what he liked about her. As one recapper put it on Vulture, Chad is Donald Trump.

But he’s also made some good points about love and commitment, namely that they don’t happen overnight.

When a handful of guys head to ESPN to turn SportsNation into BachelorNation, they play A FEW silly games and mock-propose to JoJo. Chad’s matter-of-fact proposal — “Will you marry me?” — doesn’t go over well. JoJo asks for more: “What are all the things you love about me?”

“I feel like, in that moment, you should already know that,” Chad shoots back.

“No … I need you to tell me.”

Cue the naggy comment, which did not go over well.

But! Chad’s comments during the mock press conference, where he explained that he didn’t know her well enough to be in love, were a rare display of caution in Bachelor Nation. “If you’re going to ask me to tell you all the things I love about you, I don’t know yet,” Chad said. “These guys can all tell you all the different things that they love about you and they’ve studied about you on TV or whatever, but I don’t know. I know you’re beautiful. You’re ready for a relationship, that’s awesome. I’m happy about that.”

“The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” are based on the premise that a leading man and lady will fall in love by the end of the season and get engaged in six weeks, far quicker than what happens in real life. (Studies vary, but most couples date for one to three years before getting engaged.)

Chad’s trepidation wasn’t so tactfully stated, but it was far more realistic than the assumption the show operates under: that love or even a strong connection is cultivated instantly. Men are more likely to fall for someone quickly: According to Match’s Singles in America study, 59 percent of single men believe in love at first sight, compared to 49 percent of women. So perhaps Chad’s caution is needed even more on “The Bachelorette” than “The Bachelor.”

As Chad notes, contestants can study up on JoJo, but that doesn’t equate with actually knowing her. He’s probably not the man for JoJo. But his interest — whether or not it’s genuine — in taking things slowly are a good corrective to the show’s sped-up pace.