It started out as a joke: a dating app to connect Britain’s brokenhearted Remain voters.

But the two founders of Remainder, identifying themselves only as Andy and Tim, say they’re in discussions with a real dating app to try and make it a reality. “We hope Remain couples will stay in Britain and reproduce quickly enough to tilt the balance” in favor of Remain, Andy and Tim wrote in an email to Solo-ish.

What do your politics say about your love life? Andy and Tim posit that “voting Remain says: I’m open minded, I don’t mind immigrants, and I might even take you to Paris one day.” They could have a large potential user base, as 48 percent of British voters elected to remain in the European Union while 52 percent voted to leave.

Niche dating sites are a dime a dozen these days: There are sites for gluten-free singles. For beard lovers. For people who are really into Disney characters or bacon. For those who are feeling the Bern or are looking to flee a potential Trump presidency.

This crop of political-themed dating sites might overstate the role politics actually play in the search for love. In Match’s annual Singles in America survey, 79 percent of singles said they don’t have a problem dating someone of another political party. Only 6 percent of those in the 5,000-person survey said it was essential that their partner held the same political beliefs.

Andy and Tim, however, are circumspect. “Relationships between Remain and Leave voters are possible, but it requires a lot of understanding,” they wrote. “It’s like if one person is into role play.”

Funny guys, those two. And perhaps that’s the more important factor here. A shared sense of humor is a far better indicator of relationship success than having similar politics.