Nick and a camel. Sure, why not? (Rick Rowell/ABC)

A warning about tonight: If you’re on Twitter but not watching “The Bachelor,” you’ll feel very left out. Every year, like clockwork, Twitter is consumed as the snarky masses descend upon the season premiere, eager to judge the new bachelor and group of contestants. So in case you want to join in the fun, here’s everything you need to know about the show this season:

The bachelor:

Where to even begin with Nick Viall, the 36-year-old software salesman from Chicago? ABC calls Nick, 36, a “controversial fan favorite,” which we didn’t know was a thing. The most important thing to know about Nick is that he’s a loser. Literally — this is the fourth time he’s appeared on the franchise. He was the runner-up on “The Bachelorette” in two seasons: Andi Dorfman’s in summer 2014 and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s in summer 2015. He appeared in “Bachelor in Paradise” this summer, but couldn’t make it work with Jen.

Some people hate Nick — he certainly wasn’t too popular after he asked Andi, on the live season finale in 2014, why she had sex with him if she wasn’t going to choose him as the winner. (It’s considered a “Bachelor” faux-pas to openly discuss anything that happens behind the closed doors of the “fantasy suites.”) But some people do like him; Nick semi-redeemed himself by being the voice of reason (really!) on “Bachelor in Paradise,” or at least one of the only contestants to have a sense of humor about being on the ridiculous show.

ABC is banking on the fact that Nick is a familiar face. “Three times, Nick’s walked away brokenhearted. … We’re giving Nick one last shot,” a voice-over intones during a recent promo.

“Fourth time’s the charm?” Nick asks in response, without a trace of embarrassment.

Nick and Dominique on the season premiere. (Rick Rowell/ABC)

The contestants:

ABC always sets a high bar with the crazy in any premiere, but there are some promising descriptions. Apparently Jasmine G., a 25-year-old flight attendant, rolls up with jeweler Neil Lane so Nick can get a head start on choosing their engagement ring. Alexis, a 23-year-old aspiring dolphin trainer, fittingly arrives in a dolphin costume.

Out of 30 bachelorettes total (eight will be cut after the premiere), the oldest woman is Rachel, a 30-year-old attorney from Dallas. The youngest are a handful of 23-year-olds, including Hailey, a photographer; Ida Marie, a sales manager; and Taylor, a mental health counselor.

Well, there’s Alexis. (Rick Rowell/ABC)

The drama:

Given Nick’s past on the franchise, expect a lot: He already gets slapped by a contestant, one preview shows. ABC teases that Liz, a 29-year-old doula, “is the woman with a past — with Nick.” Coincidentally or not, Us Weekly reported that Nick hooked up with a contestant, before filming. “He actually had slept with one of them at a wedding and never called her again,” an “insider” confided.

The show:

“The Bachelor” airs Monday nights from 8 to 10 p.m. on ABC. After the premiere, Jimmy Kimmel will host a prime time special after-show called “Jimmy Kimmel Live: Here for the Right Reasons” at 10 p.m.

We don’t even want to know. Although apparently Brittany is a traveling nurse. (Rick Rowell/ABC)

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