The holiday shopping-season is here, which means it’s time to get spending. The American Research Group found that last year, the average American spent $929 on holiday gifts for friends. This year, they expect that number to swell to $983.

As you’re shopping for loved ones, don’t forget to treat yourself. Here are 21 ideas, each of them under $150, for you or your single friends.

$15 or less

Having trouble on the dating apps? January is high season for online dating, so try going premium for a month on Bumble ($10,, Hinge ($12.99, or Tinder ($14.99, Premium users can utilize perks such as unlimited likes and the abilities to rematch with expired matches and connect automatically with people who have expressed interest in their profiles.

Whether spin, yoga or CrossFit is your jam, this snazzy 24-ounce water bottle, which includes a built-in compartment for your keys, money and credit card, could prove super-handy. ($12,

Because we’ve all been there — and we all deserve a medal for resisting the urge to do so. ($15,

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Popsocket makes talking, texting, tweeting, and yes, swiping through dating apps, a lot easier by providing the user a comfortable and secure grip on their smartphone. ($15,

Do you worship at the altar of celebrity? Austin-based company Illuminidol specializes in eight-inch prayer candles adorned with celebrity faces, including actors, musicians, politicos and sports figures. From Ryan Gosling to RuPaul to Ruth Bader Ginsberg to Oprah (because of course there’s an Oprah candle), there’s something for everybody. ($15,


Happy hour just got a little more festive. Hustle to get this fun and festive disco ball bottle stopper from Shop Bop before it sells out. ($18,

Let inquisitive minds know who your No. 1 companion is with this gold-plated dog tag from Wildfang. ($22,

Show off your plant pride with this trendy, graphic tee from LookHuman. ($23.99,

Keep your workout strictly “no strings attached” with these top-rated lightweight wireless headphones. ($25.99,

A bold, Cher-approved makeup bag to match your bold attitude and lip color. ($26,

A T-shirt that needs no explanation. ($26,

Extending no-shave November into December? This beard-grooming kit from Jack Black will help you keep your face clean, hydrated and kissable. ($35,

Stay hydrated with this cheeky phone case from Valfre. Bonus: It’s gluten and dairy-free! ($38,

Never seem to have an external phone charger when you need one? This lightweight, portable micro charger is easy to transport and hard to forget. Just clip it to your home keys and go. ($39.99,

These adorable wireless, fingerless hand warmers, shaped like animated pieces of toast, will keep your hands warm on a cold day — or when the office’s air-conditioning kicks in. ($42.95,

Recently suffered a breakup? Bury the hatchet and give yourself an axe-throwing therapy session. Packages includes a session with an axe-throwing coach and 2 1/2 to three hours of exhilarating fun. ($44.25,

Instead of a Spotify playlist, woo your romantic interest with the real deal: a vinyl record. This lightweight, portable turntable, conveniently set in a briefcase, can instantly set the mood and upgrade an impromptu picnic date or dinner for two. ($49.99,


Put the hero in heroine in this quippy sweatshirt. ($65,

Meghan Markle may have snagged Prince Harry, but you can still feel like royalty, or at least sleep like it, with this luxe pillowcase from Slip for Beauty Sleep. The silky-smooth case helps prolong blowouts and helps reduce frizz and breakage. ($79-99,

The Girl Gang Gives Back Box from Unbound, an adult toy subscription service, includes a collection of treats from female-founded companies, including Unbound, the makeup company WinkyLux, the bra line Harper Wilde and the skin care brand HelloAva. You’ll also be supporting future leaders, as the proceeds will be donated to female-focused charities. ($99,

More than $100

Set the mood lighting this holiday season with Philips Hue wireless LED lightbulbs, which can be controlled via your smartphone, allowing you to change the color, shade and intensity of light. ($199,


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