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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ is often derided as ‘The Bachelor’s’ trashy cousin. But its couples seem to stick.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are dating after three years of appearing on "Bachelor" franchise shows together. Here's a snippet of their love story. (Video: Kinetic Content)

Ah, “Paradise.”

The Bachelor Nation spinoff is often derided as the trashier cousin of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette,” where castoff contestants from those shows are deposited at a Mexican resort, sans air-conditioning, to find love (a.k.a. get drunk, make out with one another and construct messy love triangles).

“Bachelor in Paradise” is not without scandal: Last year, production briefly halted after Warner Bros., which produces the show, investigated whether a contestant was “too drunk to consent” to sexual activity with another contestant. (The show announced there had been no misconduct and filming resumed, with new restrictions on how much contestants could drink and how consent must be established on-camera.)

However, a more wholesome conclusion from “Paradise” is that the show is on its way to a better success rate than the franchise’s other shows. “The Bachelor,” which wrapped its 22nd season in March, typically ends in engagements, although the couples tend to break up quickly. “The Bachelorette,” which wrapped its 14th season this month, has a 50-50 success rate for the final couples.

But “Paradise” is on track to yield roughly one lasting couple per season. At least four couples who met on the show are still together, and this season, the show’s fifth, could bring more engagements.

We’re guessing it has a lot to do with the fact that there’s more than one man or woman to pine over — and the season ends with several couples, many of which don’t last. With about 20 single men and women deposited on a resort in Sayulita, Mexico, connections can form and break off and re-form elsewhere. And you never know who will show up, midseason, to throw a curveball into the mix.

Here’s a rundown of the couples who met under the sun in Sayulita and are still Instagram-official.

Jade and Tanner Tolbert

Jade and Tanner met on season two of “Paradise” and got engaged by the end of the season. “I think Tanner and Jade are going to make it. That’s not sarcasm. I’m serious,” Vulture recapper Ali Barthwell wrote at the time. And indeed, they have. In 2016, they were married in a televised wedding extravaganza commemorating 20 years of the Bachelor franchise, and many Bachelor franchise alums were in attendance. In August 2017, the couple welcomed a daughter, Emerson Avery Tolbert.

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass

Initially, Carly did not seem to like Evan all that much. They went on a date in Season 3 that included a “habanero kiss,” meaning they were challenged to eat a habanero pepper and then kiss for 90 seconds. They made it a minute and 41 seconds, which might be a world record. But the lip-lock also resulted in Carly throwing up as soon as it was over. If you kiss a man and then have this bodily reaction, I’m guessing he’s not the father of your future children, and at first, Carly concurred. She dumped him.

But, hey! This is Paradise. Anything can happen. And does happen. Later in the season, Evan faked an illness and Carly accompanied him to the hospital. This, apparently, is when the real sparks flew, and they started to form a relationship. By the end of the season, they were engaged. And during the premiere of Season 4, they also got married on television. In February of this year, they welcomed a daughter, Isabella Evelyn, to whom I hope they’re not feeding habanero peppers.

Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk

The beginning of this match was a bit messy. Raven started out Season 4 on a date with someone else: Robby from JoJo Fletcher’s “Bachelorette” season. But by episode three, she and Adam went on a date and hit it off. But not so fast! The pairing-off is never as easy as it might seem in Paradise. On episode four, Sarah Vendal from Nick Viall’s season showed up and took Adam on a date. A few episodes later, Adam wormed his way out of this love triangle by giving a rose to Raven — and from then on they seemed solid. They left Paradise not engaged but “as a couple,” which is the less-serious and perhaps more sane option. A year later, they’re still together.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon

These two had a long and winding road to engagement. When they first appeared on Season 2 of “Paradise” together, Ashley says it was “love at first sight,” while Jared couldn’t see himself with someone as emotional as Ashley. “It was a slow build for me,” Jared says of their relationship in a video telling the story of how they got together. Jared dumped Ashley twice that season, after which they slowly became friends.

In 2016, they both returned for Season 3 of “Paradise” — but Ashley arrived midseason and by this point Jared was already dating Caila Quinn. Jared told Ashley to date other people; she cried and fantasized about how they weren’t actually over. “This is what romance novels are made of: Girl likes guy who doesn’t like her. And then comes running back when the other object of his affection goes elsewhere,” she said. Despite Ashley’s determination, her friends kept telling her she needed to move on and “get a grip on reality,” Ashley recalls.

In late 2017, Ashley went on another spinoff — “The Bachelor Winter Games” — and started dating Kevin Wendt. When they left the show, they were in a relationship. However, in January 2018, Ashley, Jared and a handful of other “Bachelor” alums (including Jade and Tanner!) went on vacation to St. Lucia, and Jared finally confessed his feelings for Ashley and kissed her. She decided to keep dating Kevin, but once that relationship ended, she and Jared got together. They got engaged in Mexico this summer, and ABC has been airing teasers that the proposal will air during this season of “Paradise.”

On Solo-ish this May, “Bachelor” viewer and relationship writer Jenna Birch noted that “of all the couples ever to emerge from the Bachelor franchise, Jared and Ashley feel perhaps the most real — precisely because it took them three years of confusion, indecision and doubt to get to where they are today.”


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