The “tomb of the two brothers” probably needs a slightly different name.

English speakers might struggle to name a scent. But that's not true for all people.

Warm, wet weather triggered the unprecedented die-off of imperiled saiga antelope, scientists say. And climate change may make such conditions even more likely.


Giving thanks for science

We know you'll be talking politics at your family's Thanksgiving dinner. Here are 10 great science stories worth discussing, too.

Teddy Roosevelt shot this lion 107 years ago. The world is about to see it again.

Smithsonian conservators are dusting off the specimen for its first public appearance in decades. What forgotten stories can it tell?

The baby who was ‘born’ twice

Doctors removed 23-week-old Lynlee Boemer from her mother's womb to operate on a rare tumor. She was then carried nearly to term and born 'again' June 6.

Rats have been blamed for the bubonic plague. But was there another culprit?

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovered ice sheets that are 300 feet thick.

The discovery places butterflies and moths as far back as 200 million years ago, making them far older than previously known.

"This is such a tantalizing mystery, and as time goes on, we’re getting more clues,” astronomer Shami Chatterjee said.

The astronaut's inaccurate claim sparked interest in the extraordinary ways space affects the body.

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