It's hard to reason with people who embrace conspiracy theories, but some strategies are more effective than others.

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The relationship between Neanderthals and fire is “kind of a hot topic,” archaeologists say

Experts decipher the gestures, facial expressions and throat-clearing by Trump and Putin during their Helsinki meeting.


Giving thanks for science

We know you'll be talking politics at your family's Thanksgiving dinner. Here are 10 great science stories worth discussing, too.

Teddy Roosevelt shot this lion 107 years ago. The world is about to see it again.

Smithsonian conservators are dusting off the specimen for its first public appearance in decades. What forgotten stories can it tell?

The baby who was 'born' twice

Doctors removed 23-week-old Lynlee Boemer from her mother's womb to operate on a rare tumor. She was then carried nearly to term and born 'again' June 6.

These tiny moons could be remnants of the same material that formed the gas giant planets when the solar system was young.

Bread baking could predate agriculture by thousands of years.

For the first time, scientist have traced a neutrino back to its source. “It’s a brand new vision on what's happening in the universe,” physicist Darren Grant said.

“It is a game-changer in the field,” one cancer researcher said, “and I'm sure that this technology has legs.”

This research shows salamanders are surprisingly able to change their physiology in response to the changing temperature and humidity.

Waves have always pounded the California coast. But as seas rise over the remaining century, they will become stronger and more frequent.

Groups of people with similar backgrounds — especially if they're all stars — make worse decisions than diverse groups.

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