There's no 'nice farm in the country' for spacecraft at the ends of their lives.

They say Zealandia meets all the definitions of a continent: a huge, coherent mass that sits above and is distinct from the ocean crust.

Inspired by rogue national parks, nearly 300 museums and libraries are posting 140-character truths like “Climate change is accelerating the extinction of plants and animals."


Giving thanks for science

We know you'll be talking politics at your family's Thanksgiving dinner. Here are 10 great science stories worth discussing, too.

Teddy Roosevelt shot this lion 107 years ago. The world is about to see it again.

Smithsonian conservators are dusting off the specimen for its first public appearance in decades. What forgotten stories can it tell?

The baby who was ‘born’ twice

Doctors removed 23-week-old Lynlee Boemer from her mother's womb to operate on a rare tumor. She was then carried nearly to term and born 'again' June 6.

“If chocolate can’t protect the rain forest, what can?” connoisseur Mark Christian asks.

Doudna and Berkeley may appeal the ruling in favor of MIT and Harvard. There is big money at stake.

Zoologist Bill Schutt talks about his new book on cannibalism.

“There is strong interest in finding significant near-term accomplishments that can be done in the first term.”

When it comes to star-planet relationships, scientists have a lot more to learn. (Don't we all?)

But experts do not absolutely prohibit “germline” gene editing.

Astronomers spotted the exploding star just three hours after it went “boom."

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