A chemical thought to regulate our sleep actually tells midshipman fish it's time to sing.

A warp in spacetime made this "Tatooine" gas giant stand out.

At CITES COP17, governments from around the world will come together to decide which animals to protect from trade.

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Leaping eels and manipulative babies: What you may have missed in science this week

We've got all the science you need right here.

New planets, artificial skin and other science news you may have missed

Here are some of our favorite science stories from the week.

Indigenous Australians are the oldest living civilization on the planet, according to their DNA.

The discovery could help explain the origins of the most massive galaxies in the universe.

The 1,500 year old En-Gedi scroll has been revealed to contain verses from Leviticus.

The technique looks like something out of Star Trek — but has real potential uses in engineering and medicine.

The ice clouds on Saturn's moon might form in the same way as those threatening Earth's ozone layer.

Tardigrades might have evolved unique proteins to protect DNA from radiation. Could they work on humans, too?

"We’re face to face with someone who sailed that ship," said archaeologist Brendan Foley. "We can look through his eyes at the voyage, at the wreck, at the whole first century B.C."

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