The case is a window into the aftermath of sexual misconduct cases, and the growing questions that institutions face about how to hold their most powerful accountable.

A psychologist's first reaction to his own study was: "This is nonsense." But the data convinced him.

The crosshatch pattern was drawn using a red rock as soft as lipstick with a skinny point.

The new species were discovered in the Atacama Trench and are "highly adept at living where few other organisms can."

The summer is over, but the toxic algae bloom has drifted into new areas of Florida, officials have warned.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars — some of the most exotic objects in the universe — and changed astrophysics.

One of the most famous ideas in social psychology says that to break down barriers we should get to know the other side. That's not always true -- especially on social media.

Reading and screens might be bad for young eyes. Also please click.

Liquid waste from fracking and other techniques can trigger dormant earthquake faults 15 or more miles away.

“What we’re talking about here are the kinds of changes that disrupt everybody’s lives" paleoecologist Scott Wing said.

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