Yes, that's Stephen Hawking singing Monty Python's "The Galaxy Song."

Yes, it is a marvelous thing.

Somehow the tune -- a comic reminder of our infinitesimal place in the universe -- hits even harder when it comes from the robotic voice of a super-genius.

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The Guardian reports that the track was recorded in honor of Record Store Day. If you're dying for more of Hawking's musicality, you'll soon be in luck: A sample of Hawking's voice will be used in an upcoming Pink Floyd track.

If it's more comedy you're after, Hawking has done that, too. In addition to his many, many appearances playing himself on TV (both in live action and animated shows) Hawking recently appeared in a sketch for the show "Little Britain." It was a contribution to Red Nose Day, a British charity telethon that raised over $100 million this year. You can watch the short at Hawking's Facebook page.

The new sing-along was born of Hawking's eager participation in Monty Python's recent live reunion shows, where he was used in an equally hilarious sketch. You can get a behind-the-scenes look at his involvement here.

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